for Conscious Leadership &

Intuitive Healing

Learn the art of Self-Acupuncture to empower yourself to Be Your Own Healer.


I am so glad you are here and that you answered your intuition to do this work. Congratulations!

We'll be together through this journey as we navigate the 5 Phases: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal and their archetypal manifestations using Taoist medicine, Ascension into 5D reality, and the Teishin.

I am thrilled to work with you.

This has been a personal and effective practice for me, my in-clinic patients, and now, Zoom clients, and I’d like to offer it to you.

This is beyond personal coaching or a private wellness session. It’s a hybrid of the two, unfolding into a greater, more clear, and coherent reality for you.

You'll receive:

Your Initial Consult (a deep dive where we go over what you are currently struggling with)

Your Facial Symmetry Assessment

Eight (8) 1:1 sessions with me (2 months of 1:1 care)

Your very own Stone-set Teishin

I'll intuitively choose your Teishin and it will be mailed to you.

Free Shipping for US orders, otherwise, I send you the small, flat rate international box.

This process is for those who are fully aware of their own nature which is as an aspect of the whole,

a reflection of the universe, and a Divine, Sacred, Creator Initiatrix.

This is not for those seeking ‘healing/seeking/grasping/fixing’

or who believe they are BROKEN.

You are not Broken.

And I am not here to fix or heal.

You must be willing to dissolve and be possessed and shape-shift and listen to your heart-mind even if this invites temporary discomfort.

🔥You gotta commit.

🔮You gotta trust.

🦕And you gotta be playful and open.

Is this you? ✨💖✨

Are you Ready?

I am excited to go on this journey with you!

Intake + Facial Symmetry Assessment & Tongue Reading

In-depth Intake


Full intake to address your chronic issues & emotional struggles

Your Facial Symmetry Assessment & Tongue Reading

Your introductory practice of Self-Acupuncture

Guided Session to begin awakening your confidence & clarity

Initial Consultation

Your Doorway to Receive the world's most ancient and effective medicine.

This 45 min session is currently INCLUDED!

We'll start off with a photo of your face and tongue, then I'll choose a gemstone for you, handcraft a Teishin and then ship your Teishin.

After this, we'll begin your 20 min weekly Sessions!

Of course, you'll also receive your very own heirloom Teishin:

the first Acupuncture Needle, set with a gemstone of intention.

Sacred Self-Acupuncture Sessions

8 Expert Guided Virtual Sessions


or 3 payments of $370

Deep Dive in your Self-Empowerment journey

Facial Acupuncture according to the 5 Phases/Elements

Whole-Being, Self-Acupuncture Protocols

Intuitive Re-Patterning practices


Transformative Sessions with Dr. Lacey Dupré

Here we will ignite the Empowered Healer within.

We'll meet once a week for 2 months, that's 8 sessions of continuous lovin care.

No prerequisites required except that you come with an Open Heart & agree that Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Lacey Dupré

Doctor of Chinese Medicine,

Self-Acupuncture Expert and guide to 'Radical Receptivity' TM.

Client talk...

I have spent years pursuing western as well as holistic alternatives to address my health issues. I was waking up every night around 3am full of anxiety. During the day I felt insanely tired and my hair was thinning and dry. I could tell all the stress, lack of focus and overwhelm was not only stagnating my day to day business, but my health. I started with Lacey and through her sessions I began to feel like myself. I got clear on my goals and felt aligned with my new business. I sleep better and actually feel rested and ready to start the day in the mornings!


Client talk...

For years I dealt with chronic indigestion and bloating plus I was constantly tired and felt like I never got enough sleep. After I began to work with Lacey, I felt the changes not just in my belly and my energy levels, but also my mood. I didn't realize how drastic my mood swings were until my husband commented that I wasn't such an 'Angry Elf' anymore! -Rachel

Client Talk...

I was stuuuck. I was trying to build this program and I just never actually launched...I kept doing all the busy work and decided I had impostor syndrome and low self-worth and was directionless. I felt like I was drifting through my own life. I'd been diagnosed with ADHD and I had brain fog as well as chronic anxiety. Well, during my sessions with Lacey the literal fog lifted. With her guidance I gained confidence and clarity as she told me I would! And my launch was super. I cannot recommend her enough.


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